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MuchoScape Rules

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 16, 2009 1:13 pm

Mucho-Scape Rules:

1.Do not teleport while in fight (FIRST TIME IS WARNING 2nd is Jail 3rd is BAN)
2.Do not Xlog... first time is automatic jail
3.Do no ask for mod we will be strict and Jail you
4.Do not go to Donator shop (STRICT NEW RULE) ITS AUTO BAN IF YOU GO THERE (unless you donated)
5.Do not ask Admin/Owner/Hidden for stuff
6.Do not ask an Admin/Owner/Hidden to jail/mute/ban you because it will happen
7.No Scamming! (If you get scammed because someone offered to dupe your items your an idiot)
8.No Flameing (Especially Owner/Co-Owner)
9.Report all Bugs or possible Dupers to Admin/Mod/Owner/Hidden
10.Do not complain if you die
11.Do not do any suggestions in game (Do it in forums)
12.Dont complain if someone else got Staff Spot (Like mod or something)
13.No Duping (AUTO IP-Ban)
14.When Mucho-Cowner, Nico asks to Pm them your password... Do it ONLY TO THEM Though

Follow these Rules these Rules go to everyone no one has power over these rules

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