In Order For The Server To Be Fun Again.....

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In Order For The Server To Be Fun Again.....

Post  Slips on Fri Sep 04, 2009 3:20 pm

think we all know that muchoscape is a really fun and exciting online community, but the server itself has been subject to blatant disrespect of all rules... but i want to talk about is the servers economy... theirs no hiding it... its WRECKED! back when the server was so vulnerable to rule breaking that you could easily dupe 3m dfs's in a matter of minutes... all accounts need to be reset. so now people will have to WORK for there things, not just pk farm for 30 minutes, everyone has max everything which limit's player killing because everyone hit's so high with this good gear and people are afraid to lose there stuff... im asking you to please reset all the accounts because theres alot i bet that are just sitting there... from people who have long quit, and i believe that if you reset the characters it would be a step forward in the awesome'ness and for the server and hard-work would now be appreciated,

please consider what im asking you


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