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Traveling Agent James

Post  James™ on Fri Sep 11, 2009 1:15 am

During these next few weeks I will be giving tours of all runescape(MUCHOSCAPE)

Tours will cost 1m each (thats nothing since you all are so rich, lol)

I will take anyone anywhere as long as they know what the place looks like or where its near.

Since 2002 I have memorized the runescape map over 3 times and even most of the dungeon maps as well.

If you want to scedule a tour to a certain area, town, dungeon, or random event area please fill out the form below. And then you can post it back once you have filled it out. Thank you and safe gaming.

Date and Time:
Where(up to 3 places):
Your interest in this spot:

P.S. On the date and time you will need to contact me in order to arrange it, but put in a date you find will be suitable for you.

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