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Muchoscape PLEASE READ

Post  Nico on Sat Sep 19, 2009 9:59 pm

Ok, this is the first time I ask for help from other players. I have been trying to fix the server for Weeks now and it hasnt been working. I am going to buy VPS and all this other stuff for the server, just need a couple helping donations, you will be greatly rewarded with Owner/Co-owner status
Like i said, I never have asked from help from players but ive been getting lots of messages of people wanting server back on so that is why im trying as hard as i can to get the server back up.

-New Customs (Full PVP Armor Statius,Vesta,Morrigan,Zuriel)
-New Weapons (Thunder Sword, Fire Sword, Water Sword INCLUDING NEW MINIGAME FOR IT)
-New Commands for all players including ::pvp which turns pvp mode on and teleports you to pvp area where you get PVP DROPS and Extra pvp Points
-New Donator Shop
-New Armor (Full Titanium, Full Terminator armor with Terminator Scimmy and Titanium Hammer)
-New Trading system DUPE FIXED*
-X log IS FIXED!
-Shops now have a X command that lets you buy more then "100" at a time
-The Graphics are also improved
-Lagg also reduced
-100% Tested (cannot run for other players until i get money for VPS)

Well yeah thats pretty much it..... So please help your favorite server out!

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